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an end-to-end prospecting approach with dedicated SDRs, Data, and Technology

Our end-to-end approach


of companies are concerned about the shortage of sales talent


of sales contracts are often terminated in the first year due to resignation, lack of results, or dismissal


estimated cost of a failed recruitment of a sales representative


only of companies train their sales representatives to develop formalized prospecting methods

Discover European Sales Group

Your dedicated partner to accelerate B2B business development in Europe.

Our mission? To transform your potential into tangible sales power by providing an end-to-end solution, from the strategic definition of your campaigns to the generation of highly qualified appointments.

Our SDRs are not only trained and passionate, but also fully dedicated to your account. They use our tools to design a tailor-made prospecting campaign, thereby ensuring the achievement of your growth objectives.

Our end-to-end approach

Outbound lead generation

An end-to-end approach to multi-channel prospecting integrating dedicated SDRs, data and technology to boost your outbound lead generation

Delegate your B2B prospecting

Focus on closing while we take care of hunting for new prospects. Our dedicated SDRs outsourcing solutions streamline your sales process for optimal efficiency

Diversify your
acquisition channels

Expand your market reach with our innovative strategies. We help diversify your acquisition channels, ensuring a constant flow of new opportunities

White label prospecting

We act on your behalf, ensuring consistency that builds trust and commitment with your prospects

Our expertise

Data Scraping

Precise targeting of leads via LinkedIn, data enrichment, CRM qualification, and AI scoring to refine our approach.
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B2B List Building

Construction of targeted prospect list, personalized according to activity, location and job title for tailor-made campaigns.
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Targeted Content

Development of scripts and impactful messages via email sequences and via social selling such as LinkedIn for effective communication.
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Multi-channel prospecting

Cold calling, email sequences, and social selling for maximum reach with services for qualifying your outbound leads.
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Analysis & Optimization

Real-time performance monitoring thanks to advanced dashboards for a constantly refined prospecting strategy.
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Seamless integration
with your sales ecosystem

European Sales Group synchronizes directly with your CRM and the calendars of your salespeople so that each qualified appointment is ensured quickly and efficiently

Our method


Analysis of your needs

Defining clear objectives and crafting a specific buyer persona through a detailed audit, ensuring a strategy perfectly aligned with your expectations

Tailor-made strategy

Recommending a commercial strategy and designing a prospecting campaign tailored to achieve your commercial objectives and maximize impact

Campaign deployment

Creating targeted sales materials and providing training for your dedicated SDRs to ensure smooth execution and effective representation on your behalf

Management of results

Accessing personalized dashboards that transform data into actionable insights, with bi-monthly analysis for continuous optimization of lead generation efforts

Why European Sales Group?


Clarity guides every stage of our partnership, with a hybrid and personalized business model that focuses on total transparency of our operations and results.


By combining agility and sectoral customization, we adjust our business model and our solutions to fit the unique characteristics of your market and meet the evolution of your needs


Your goals define our success. Our approach, guided by tangible results, focuses on qualitative sales meetings, targeted lead generation and the promotion of sustained growth.

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What types of businesses can benefit from our B2B lead generation services?

Our services are tailored for B2B businesses of all sizes seeking to accelerate their business development in the European market. Whether you're a fast-growing startup or an established enterprise aiming to expand your customer base, our expertise in outbound prospecting is here to support you in achieving your goals.

How do you ensure the quality of the leads generated?

We combine comprehensive market analysis with advanced technologies and highly qualified SDRs to target and engage prospects relevant to your business. Our processes include rigorous lead qualification, ensuring that only the most promising leads are delivered to your sales team.

Can you integrate your processes with our CRM tools

We seamlessly integrate directly into your CRM and your team's calendars based on your availability. Our team collaborates with you to ensure that our prospecting processes align perfectly with your existing systems and workflows, facilitating a seamless transition and maximizing efficiency.

How will we measure the success of our lead generation campaign?

We design our strategy in alignment with your jointly defined KPIs at the start of the campaign. You will have access to detailed reports and dashboards offering real-time analyses of campaign performance. Additionally, we organize regular reviews to discuss progress and make any necessary adjustments to the strategy.

What criteria define that a meeting is qualified?

A meeting is considered qualified when we have identified and engaged a prospect who precisely matches your ideal customer profile. We ensure that the prospect has shown a genuine interest in an offer similar to yours and meets all your eligibility criteria. The prospect must have confirmed their availability for a thorough exchange, thus guaranteeing you a commercial opportunity with high conversion potential.